The premier league of touring car racing

From its first race in 1984 the DTM has held a special fascination with motorsport fans. Because the race cars closely resembled the production line models of competing manufacturers the spectators and fans easily identified and associated with their brands. To this day nothing has changed in this respect.
However, the DTM 2012 has undergone a major revamp. New technical regulations guarantee the value of the series as the world’s best touring car league. As far as safety is concerned a new standard is achieved thanks to a new carbon-fiber monocoque. Through the use of many standard components the cost per car was reduced by around 40 per cent, without the manufacturers losing their brand identity. In addition, the series welcomes the return of cars with a coupé silhouette.
A spectacular car at the highest technical level, top flight drivers – the DTM remains the measure of all things for top motorsport with race touring cars.