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Audi Warranty

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Audi Warranty

Complete peace of mind which you can rely on. When you buy a new vehicle from an authorized Audi Partner, AUDI AG provides you with a two-year warranty through your Audi Partner for which the statutory regulations apply. If there is ever an issue with your vehicle, please inform your Audi Partner, who will then arrange the next steps.

Audi guarantees that the vehicle is free of faults relating to materials and workmanship:

- Free new-car warranty for new vehicles – ex works and with no mileage restrictions
- Important: All service intervals must be performed according to the requirements of AUDI AG

In addition to this, Audi provides you with:

– a 3-year guarantee against paint damage.
– a 12-year guarantee against body rust perforation.
– an 8-year / 160,000 km battery warranty for electric vehicles.

Any claims under the warranty can only be made at authorized Audi Partners.